Jacto HD 550 Sprayer (20ltrs) KSh12,999 Save:KSh13,000(50%)

Jacto’s lightest and most ergonomic knapsack sprayer delivers high performance with less effort and fatigue for the operator. Ideal for both small and large applications.



Desirable Features of Jacto HD 550 Sprayer
  • Jacto HD has a reinforced chemical resistant hose, trigger valve with lock and strainer, stainless steel wand with nozzle filter and adjustable nozzle makes spraying a comfortable job.
  • Trigger valve: Lightweight and tough with internal filter. Ideal for all-day work.
  • Comfort: Lightest backpack series from JACTO. Great performance with less effort and fatigue.
  • Resistance: Impact, corrosion, and UV resistant, high-density polyethylene.
  • Designed for a minimum 1000 hour service life, the factory destruction test exceeded 4000 continuous hours of operation. Isn’t that awesome?
  • The UV-resistant tank has a molded-in carry handle, accurate volume markings in liters, and a wide opening with a strainer.
  • The inline piston pump is mounted inside the tank to reduce the exposure of the operator to chemicals.
  • With hydraulic agitation, the Jacto HD 400 easily handles liquid and wettable powder herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides for weed control, pest control, and plant or crop protection.
  • Even the shape of the Jacto tank is purpose-designed not only for comfort and durability but also to retain less liquid on the walls and to empty almost entirely. You can pump the Jacto HD sprayer until it’s almost dry – less wasted chemical than with competitive products.
  • LENGTH LAUNCH: 600 mm
  • HOSE LENGTH: 1650 mm
  • TANK CAPACITY: 20 liters
  • MATERIAL: Polypropylene
  • PUMP TYPE: Piston
  • MAXIMUM PRESSURE: 58 psi (4 bar)
  • ASSEMBLED NOZZLE: Blue adjustable cone nozzle
  • GROSS WEIGHT: 4.98 kg
  • LIQUID WEIGHT: 4.32 kg
  • EQUIPMENT DIMENSIONS L: 190 mm C: 402 mm
  • Color: blue



Capacity Of Jacto HD 550

Available in 20 liters.


Jacto HD 550 Sprayer (20ltrs)


Jacto HD 550 sprayers have saved Imagine Care Pest Control repair costs by 70% per year!



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