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NPK 17-17-17 Fertilizer Yara is a field grade fertilizer composed of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and potassium in balanced proportions suitable for improved production of most crops.



NPK 17-17-17 Fertilizer Yara Details
  • Quantity: 25 KG
  • Made From Mixing Two Or More Of Macro-Nutrient Type Fertilizers
  • Composed Of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, And Potassium
  • Essential For Improved Production Of Crops
  • High-Quality Compound
  • Easy To Use



Why Use NPK 17-17-17 Fertilizer Yara
  • Its Universal, can be used on all crops (from vegetables to fruit trees).
  • Nitrogen is essential in promoting the growth of leaves and vegetation.
  • Phosphorous promotes roots and shoots growth.
  • Potassium is important for the regulation of water and nutrient movement in plant cells, thereby promoting fruiting, flowering, hardiness and promoting the overall health of the plant by providing resistance to diseases.
  • It is however recommended that the right amount of fertilizer be given to the plants according to their needs as more or less is dangerous.



NPK 17-17-17 Fertilizer Yara Default Application Rates

50-75kg/acre (Soil testing is however recommended).



NPK 17-17-17 Fertilizer Yara Package Contents
  • NPK 17-17-17 Fertilizer Yara 25kg
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