Doco All Day Adventure Retractable Leash features Security and Superior Control of Your Dog

Doco All Day Adventure Retractable

DOCO ALL DAY ADVENTURE RETRACTABLE LEASH features security and superior control of your dog while walking. Designed with reflective tape all the way through on both sides for nighttime safety. Stainless steel intercourse offers a fast and reliable response. Durable black polished click & lock snap for extra safety. Easy and securely attaches to any collar or harness for the ultimate walking experience for you and your dog.


Retractable leash with stop-and-lock control* Reflective stitching cord on both sides for nighttime safety

* Click & Lock Snap for extra safety, once locked, the dog cannot run away

* Ergonomically designed, sturdy, and super soft anti-slip handle for a comfortable strong grip

* High-strength stainless spring hardware for retraction system* Superior lock and retraction system

* Durable and strong ABS plastic casing with vibrant colorWARNINGKeep out of reach of children. Never let anyone play with this leash. Avoid contact with the cord/tape/belt and never let it wrap around any part of your body. 


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