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Pit Latrine Digester is a blend of carefully and perfectly formulated to attack and break up organic waste in a safe and environmentally friendly process.



Pit Latrine Digester Package Size




Why Use Pit Latrine Digester
  • The ability to reduce pit levels in long drop toilets.
  • Eliminates bad smell and flies.
  • Reduces septic tank levels.
  • Eliminates the need to pump out pit toilets or septic tanks.
  • Kills germs and improves hygiene.
  • Environmentally friendly.



Before Treatment
  • Flies are attracted to the bad odor.
  • Natural biomass dies due to use of chemicals and overload. This causes the pit to fill up with solid waste very quickly.
  • Germs breed in solid waste.
  • Pit becomes congested stopping liquids seeping away.



After Treatment
  • No more odors!
  • No more flies!
  • Solid waste is liquefied.
  • Pit takes longer to fill.
  • Clean liquid flows through the ground without contaminating the groundwater.



Directions for use
  • Initial/Shock Treatment: Dissolve 750g in 15 liters of water for every 6 feet then apply on the surface of waste matter.
  •  Maintenance Treatment: After every 3 months repeat the process but, this time apply 250g in 5 liters of water.
  • Blocked Sinks: Dissolve 250g in water and apply.


Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long will Does Pit Latrine Digester take to reduce the level of my pit latrine?

Depending on the amount of waste and the contents in the pit, a reduction in the level of waste can be seen within the first week. In most cases, a significant reduction is seen between 2 to 4 weeks after the first application of the shock treatment. Please remember that the shock and maintenance treatment needs to be followed through completely for best results. Do not throw any nappies, rubbish or plastic bottles into the pit, as these cannot be broken down – it is meant to break down human waste.


  • Should Pit Latrine Digester be mixed with water?

Yes, if the pit latrine is dry on the inside, mix the contents of a sachet of Pit Latrine Digester with water and pour evenly across the surface of the pit.

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