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  • Travel crates take out all the fuss and hustle from every trip you want to take your pet on. They can be very important to keep them safe and secure when you are on the road or in flight. Among the things, you should think about when buying a travel crate is the size of your pet. A pet crate should be large enough so that he/ she can get enough space to move around and lie down in it. Give your pet peace of mind on your every trip by car or plane by getting a travel crate. Save it from unwanted attention and keep it safe and secure in one place while traveling. Every pet needs some alone time from time to time… a hiding place… a cave of some sort… This travel crate bag is your all-in-one solution for your pet’s travel needs. It bears such features as:
    • Strong door
    • Comfortable carrying handle
    • Great ventilation around the entire kennel
    • Increased strength without excess weight
    Plastic pet travel crate bags have a lot of advantages over wooden ones including the comfort of cleaning. You can just take hold of a garden hose and give it a fast pressure spray and it will be neat & clean without any extra work. Better yet, plastic travel crates are more resistant to holding smells or stains as expected in wooden ones. This also ensures a certain level of protection from sticky/greasy mold and pet hairs.
    Sku: P-02-21-3-2023

    Acrylic Pet Carrier – IATA Approved Cage 48x32x30cm

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