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Our team came up with a non-slip velcro reusable sports face mask, which offers the user more control over the mask while maintaining PM2.5 particle filtration. No more masks falling off. Our reusable washable face mask is meant for players on and off the field with a unique rugged look and a sturdy “built to last design” over your average reusable face mask.

The tactical face mask was carefully designed for the more sports-active folk. The tactical sports mask can therefore be used for a variety of sports activities that won’t compromise performance. Airsoft and paintball are great examples of such activities.



With the additional carbon-activated PM2.5 filters, you’ll block some small particles from being inhaled and therefore affecting your endurance. They are specially designed for this sports face mask, so you’re able to use the exhalation valves at the same time to avoid moisture build-up. The tactical mask filters can also be used while on the go, for example when traveling or using public transportation, to block out unwanted particles.

Most effective against PM2.5 particles:

  • Dust
  • Small aerosols
  • Small plastic particles
  • Smog

Make sure to replace your filters every day. The maximum use of a filter can range from 16-48 hours depending on environmental factors and use.

We have the best sports face cover, as it can weather any “storm”. It won’t fall just by running a little bit of getting into the action with our anti-slip design.

The aroma of the tactical sports mask: The material of the reusable dust mask is made of diving cloth nylon. A slight taste is normal. You can take out the moisture filter first and soak the dust mask in warm water for 15 minutes. The taste will slowly disappear. The activated carbon filter cannot and should not be washed.



  • Reusable sports dust face mask
  • Exchange filters after 24/h
  • Type: tactical sports mask. Our masks are equivalent to most other PM2.5 face masks. There are different standards for every country.
  • A unique mask for the sports player or fan. Football mask, Soccer, cycling mask.
  • One size fits all adults, unisex.
  • Moisture valves to prevent moisture build-up in the mask.
  • Adjustable nose guard and strap to improve the mask fit snug to your face.
  • We offer the best sports mask prices
  • PERFECT DESIGN – Anti-pollution mask with an adjustable nose clip, hanging Ear Design and removable hook & loop Strap, it helps to effectively seal and prevents fogging, keeps the mask from slipping.
  • LOW BREATHING RESISTANCE – Dual one-way discharge valves and mesh material design of the air-breathing mask make air resistance smaller without sacrificing filtration.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL – The dust face mask filters out 99-percent of exhaust, dust, chemicals, particles, pollen, smoke, and fumes. It is suitable for people with pollen allergy woodworking painting mowing running cycling hiking and other outdoor activities.
  • REPLACEABLE FILTER– You could purchase the extra replacement filters for your mask. With a few easy steps, a fresh new and clean mask will be available while the mesh exterior is fully washable and reusable.



Engineered for your Freedom
  • The N95 mask is specially engineered to provide you with the maximum amount of filtration, blocking 99% of all contaminants found in the air. This means that you’ll be worry-free on your next hike, run, or outing.




Multi-Layered Protection
    • Every mask includes  PM2.5 Filters that give even further protection from the dangerous pollutants and contaminants found in the air.
    • Tested by a Professional lab, the filter could greatly block harmful materials in the air to keep you healthy.




Designed for Anyone and Everyone to Use
  • Whether you’re a man or woman, these masks are designed to give you a comfortable yet secure fit.



Created  For You With Excellent Wearing Experience
  • Earhook and hook & loop headband could greatly help the mask to stay firm with your face without pressing too hard;
  • Breathable air vents & replaceable filters will provide high protective performance & an excellent wearing experience.




1 x Sports mask

Colors: Black, Orange, Blue

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