Governor 580 SE (1lt)


Governor 580 SE is a pre-emergence and early post-emergence herbicide. It is used to control annual broadleaf weeds and grasses in maize fields and non cropped areas.


Governor 580 SE is a pre-emergence and early post-emergence herbicide. It is used to control annual broadleaf weeds and grasses in maize fields and non-cropped areas.



Mode of Action

Acetochlor is absorbed mainly by the shoots and secondarily by the roots of germinating plants.

Mesotrione is taken up by foliar and roots, with both acropetal and basipetal translocation.

Atrazine is translocated acropetally in the xylem and accumulated in the apical meristems and leaves.



Benefits of Governor 580 SE
  • Governor 580 SE ensures complete weed control
    for broad-leaved weeds and grasses
  • Governor 580 SE is lethal on weeds and gentle
    and friendly on maize
  • Governor 580 SE controls weeds before they
    germinate and start competing with maize
  • Governor 580 SE kills broad-leaved and annual
    grasses in maize including weeds resistant to ALS
    inhibitors, triazine, and glyphosate.
  • Governor 580 SE controls weeds with one application
    as a pre-emergence and early post-emergence.
  • Governor 580 SE is used in all maize hybrids and
    all types of soil.
  • Governor 580 SE is safe to key rotational crops
    like cereals, sorghum
  • Governor 580 SE with an application rate of 2.5 liters
    per Hectare (250ml/20Ltr) is unmatched by none in
    the market and is a highly systemic and selective herbicide.
  • Governor 580 SE is easy to use, simple to mix and



Governor Package size

Available in a 1-liter bottle. 2.5L/Ha. (250ml in 20 L of water).



Governor 580 SE Target weeds
  • Perennial grasses
  • Sedges
  • Most broad-leaved weeds
  • Sugarcane
  • Baby corn
  • Maize
  • Annual broad-leaved weeds & grasses
  • Non-cropped areas



Where to use Governor 580 SE
  • patios
  • walkways
  • driveways
  • gravel areas
  • around tree rings
  • in mulched beds
  • along fencelines
  • along the foundation
  • in/around flower beds
  • lawn renovation and garden prep
  • around flowers, shrubs, and trees


Preparation of Spray Mixture

Fill the spray tank with half the amount of required water. Add the required amount of Governor and fill the water to the required level. Agitate to ensure thorough mixing and use spray mixture on the same day of preparation.




DO NOT use Governor 580 SE in a mixture with any other chemical remedy if the effect of the mixture has not been confirmed on the specific target area.



Timing of Application

Apply Governor 580 SE before the crop emerges or at later stages of crop growth, between the crop rows.



Application Technique

Apply Governor 580 SE by spraying directly onto the weeds. Ensure ample coverage of the foliage for best results.



Spraying Conditions

Avoid spraying plants under stress from waterlogging, frost, drought, etc., or covered with dust and soil. Results will be better if the application is made in dull weather or at the end of the day. Light rain following spraying will not affect results. Avoid drift into neighboring crops.



Re-Entry Period

It is safe to enter the sprayed area after the pesticide spray has dried after 24 hours. If entry is necessary, wear protective clothing.




60 days in maize.




Precautions when using Governor 580 SE

  • Spray on target weeds
  • Not to be sprayed in windy conditions (above 15km/hr).
  • Do not allow spray mist to drift onto desirable vegetation.
  • Use slightly alkaline water with buffer (ammonium sulfate) to dissolve.
  • Spray actively growing weeds before planting (increases absorption at a lower rate).
Pack Size

1 x 1ltr, 5 x 1ltr, 10 x 1ltr


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