Undertaker 480EC (50ml)

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Undertaker 480EC is a broad spectrum termicide with contact, fumigant and stomach actions. It is widely used for wood building or construction and on trees in controlling termites.


Undertaker 480EC is a broad-spectrum termicide with contact, fumigant, and stomach actions. It is widely used for wood building or construction and on trees in controlling termites.

Do not let termites nibble on your investments by attacking wood in your house, ruin the serenity of your compound by attacking your trees or ruin your reputation as a contractor by attacking the wood in your construction site, and if ant-hills are proving to be an eyesore, Undertaker 480EC will always win the fight against these destructive pests.



Target Pests
  • Termites



Why Buy Undertaker?
  1. Broad-spectrum termicide with contact, fumigant, and stomach actions
  2. Has quick knockdown action
  3. Reliable termites control at an affordable cost
  4. Can be applied inside and outside the residential places
  5. Biofriendly



Mixing Rates of Undertaker 480EC

Mix 20ml in 1 liter of water. Fill spray container with half the amount of required water. Add the required amount of Undertaker 480EC and fill the water to the required level. Agitate to ensure thorough mixing and use the spray mixture on the same day of preparation.







How To Apply Undertaker 480EC
  1. Construction/building

    Spray the construction wood and adjacent soil thoroughly.
  2. TreesDepending on the severity of termite infestation, drench the base of the tree followed by irrigation of enough water.



Caution When Using Undertaker
  • DO NOT apply to soils if excessively wet, immediately after heavy rain, or if heavy rains are expected within 48 hours to avoid run-off of chemicals.
  • DO NOT enter treated areas until spray deposits are completely dry, usually after 3-4 hours. Adequate ventilation is very essential.

45 reviews for Undertaker 480EC (50ml)

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