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To Get Rid of Mites in Kenya

Get Rid of Mites

Mites are parasites that come in very many varieties. Some of them feed on skin, others on plants while others survive on decaying materials. They cause diseases such as scabies, and skin irritation and also trigger allergens. These are enough reasons why you need to know how to get rid of mites. Getting rid of mites can be particularly hard especially because they are small in size and therefore go unnoticed.  Additionally, the different types of dust mites require different extermination methods.

How to identify mites

Mites are usually small in size with a length of less than 1mm. They have four pairs of legs. They get entry into homes through cracks and others attach themselves to people and pets. The various types of mites include clover mites, dust mites, chigger mites, spider mites, and red mites among others.

The signs of mite infestation depend on the species of mites. In some cases, you may require a magnifying glass to view them. Scabies on the skin, skin irritations, and allergic reactions such as sneezing might be also signs of a mite infestation. Contacting a pest control expert is important to determine if the parasites are actually mites.


How to get rid of mites in Kenya

If you are experiencing a mite infestation at home, the following tips on how to get rid of mites will come in handy.

Declutter your house

One of the best ways to get rid of mites is to declutter your home. Mites can be found almost everywhere in the house. They can hide in newspapers, dirty laundry, dusty attics, carpets, furniture and even on bedding. To do away with the infestation, you must ensure to destroy these dusty places that they have found habitable.  Remove any unnecessary materials that you consider clutter in your home.

Vacuum regularly

To get rid of mites, you must dust and vacuum your home often.  Dust mites particularly can find comfort in your home if there is dust on the carpet, fabrics, and furniture. While vacuuming, check to see if there are any burrows made on the furniture. Also wipe any dust on vases, shelves, picture frames and any other immobile objects in your house.  Vacuuming and dusting will only work if you do them regularly.

Wash bedding and other fabrics in hot water

One of the areas where mites will be highly concentrated is in the beds. They usually get trapped in mattress pads. To get rid of mites ensure to wash beddings, sheets, curtains, throws, blankets, and pillowcases in hot water.  This is a guaranteed way of killing mites and when done often, it can prevent future infestations.

Use air conditioners

Mites thrive in environments where the humidity is high and temperatures are warm. To get rid of mites, you can use air conditioners and other dehumidifiers. They keep the house cool thus making it difficult for the mites to live there.

Apply insecticides on the affected areas

Being that mites come in different varieties, DIY methods might not work to exterminate these parasites. As such, sometimes you will need to apply chemicals that should be recommended by a pest control professional. Sevin Dudu Dust and Chali Dudu Dust are some of the insecticides that can be used to treat and control mites. There are also mite-killing sprays that are very useful in exterminating mites on our online shop like Fendona 60SC.

Used wood or tile flooring

In case mites have become a major issue in your home, you should consider doing some changes on the flooring. You can replace carpet flooring with wood or tile floors. This can be costly but it can help you get rid of mites almost permanently.

How to prevent mite infestations

You can prevent future mite infestations by;

  • Using dust-proof covers on beds. Covering your mattress and pillowcases with such covers prevents mites from getting into the bed.
  • Keeping your house clean. Dust mites love dirty and dusty places. Cleaning and decluttering your house is an effective preventative measure against mites.
  • Keeping your pets clean. Pets can act as hosts to mites. When they move around the house and jump on the furniture and beds, they will definitely spread the mites. As such clean pets, the places they stay, and their beddings regularly.

The methods listed above can help you get rid of mites. However, due to the wide species of mites, the DIY methods might not be effective enough. As such, it is important to seek the services of a professional exterminator. Imagine Care cares about your comfort and well-being. That is why we employ the best pest prevention and control techniques to keep your home mite-free.

In case you need help exterminating mites, call us at +254737898884, +254759292158, +254775145267, +254103055943, +254794265503, +254756432285, +254757668223, +254789231328, +254742448334, or drop an email to

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