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Actellic Super Dust is a broad spectrum insecticidal dust for the control of stored maize, small grain cereals pests, and Larger Grain Borer.

Active ingredients in Actellic Super Dust

Pirimiphos-methyl 16g/kg +Permethrin 3g/kg.


How does it work?

Actellic super has fumigant, stomach, and contact activity against insect pests. Pirimiphos-methyl through its fumigant activity effectively controls weevils and other pests while permethrin through its contact and stomach activity effectively controls a Larger grain borer.





Pest target
  • larger grain borer
  • lesser grain borer
  • grain weevil
  • dried bean beetle
  • angoumois grain moth
Where To Use Actellic Super Dust
  • Domestic
  • Industrial
  • Storage




Actellic Super Dust to be applied on freshly harvested grains, before being bagged.

Use 50g of Actellic Super Dust per 90 kg of grain and mix thoroughly with a shovel.



Usage recommendations

Seeds should be treated as soon as possible, as they are loaded onto the storage strip. Seeds showing slight moisture should be dried before treatment. If the drying is not done, it may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment by degrading the insecticide. For the best results in using this product, seed moisture should be kept below 14%. If the humidity is higher, the efficacy and duration of action of the product decrease.



Store Hygiene

The stores should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before new and treated produce is introduced.

The dirt should be cleaned and debris removed.



Key features of Actellic Super Dust
  • Controls all major insects and mites of stored grain including the Larger grain borer and Dermestes beetle that damages hides and skins.
  • Effective at very low rates.
  • Low mammalian toxicity – grain is safe for human consumption.
  • No stain – the taste of grain not affected.
  • No adverse effects on the germination of grain.
  • Protects grain from pests for up to 6 months.



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