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AGITA 10WG Fly Bait is a new fly bait formula containing a house fly sex attractant that encourages both male and female houseflies to remain in the treated areas, thereby feeding on the bait.



Active Ingredients of Agita 10WG Fly Bait

Agita 10WG contains 10% Thiamethoxam and 9 tricosene which is a fly attractant.

Thiamethoxam is a neonicotinoid that is safe for mammals, but highly toxic to insects.



Application of Agita
  • Spray-on method

    Thoroughly mix 10g AGITA 10WG Fly Bait in 200ml or 50g in 1Litre of lukewarm water and using a hand-held pump, spot spray on areas where flies congregate.

  • Paint-on method

    Thoroughly mix 10g AGITA 10WG Fly Bait with 10ml or 50g in 40ml of lukewarm water until a brushable liquid is obtained. Apply in strips of about 2 meters apart from the walls and ceilings where flies congregate.

  • Scatter Bait method

    Scatter Agita 10WG Fly Bait in areas where flies gather and onto surfaces where flies rest.

  • Station/Tray method

    Spread Agita 10WG Fly Bait evenly onto the station or tray avoiding heaps in areas where flies gather.

  • Hang-board method

    Lightly moisten one side of a board (or card) with beaten eggs, beer, cola, or starched wallpaper glue and sprinkle Agita 10WG Fly Bait granules onto the tacky surface. When dry, hang boards/cards in areas where flies gather.



Benefits of Agita 10WG Fly Bait
  • A lethal combination of thiamethoxam and tricosene
  • A combination of contact and stomach modes of action
  • With dual fly sex attractant, Z-9-Tricosene for male and female house flies
  • A new option in poultry for rotation with other insecticide classes
  • Has shown to be effective from 4 to 8 weeks, with an average residual of 6 weeks
  • Reduces housefly populations in and around the outside perimeter within 30 minutes
  • Water dispersible granule insecticide for control of houseflies and litter beetles
  • Immediate customer satisfaction by meeting the customers’ investment
  • Safe to farmers and livestock
  • Good for integrated control
  • Safe for applicators and environment
  • Easy handling and application
  • Agita 10WG Fly Bait Safety Data Sheet
  • Agita 10WG Fly Bait Label



Areas to Use Agita 10WG Fly Bait
  • May be used in agricultural buildings (e.g. barns, poultry houses, etc.).
  • Used in areas where house flies congregate such as windowsills and near animal pens.
  • Around the restaurant, hotel, or home kitchens.
  • Around garbage sites.
  • Bakeries and butcheries.



Handling Precaution
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling the product.
  • Wear gloves when preparing the bait to avoid skin contact.
  • Wash after application.
  • Dispose of the pack safely.
  • Clean areas to be baited carefully before using them. e.g. tables.
  • Ensure all granules are removed from the pack and do not re-use the pack.



Beetle Impacts
  • Well-being; excessive litter beetles move under birds, causing them to sit and stand constantly.
  • Carcass quality; larvae bite birds, leaving scabs and sores.
  • Feed conversion; increased weight shown with good beetle control
  • Disease vectors; host numerous pathogens.
  • Structural degradation; vapor barriers, sill sealers, spray foam, and insulation are damaged



Fly Impacts
  • Distress; agitate animals.
  • Increase treatment costs; due to transmission of disease.
  • Disease vectors; can harbor more than 100 different pathogen species.




AGITA 10WG Fly Bait is to be used only in accordance with the directions specified on the pack label. The guarantee is limited to the terms set out on the pack label and subject thereto, the buyer assumes the risk to persons or property arising from the use or handling of this product and accepts the product on that condition.




1 x 50g Agita 10WG Fly Bait

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