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AgroZ Bag Plus, ultra-hermetic storage bag for the storage of grains and pulses in areas where these crops are regularly and heavily attacked by pests.


AgroZ Bag Plus, ultra-hermetic storage bag for the storage of grains and pulses in areas where these crops are regularly and heavily attacked by pests.

AgroZ Bag Plus is a water-resistant and gas-tight storage solution for a vast range of dry agricultural commodities developed by A to Z Textile Mills Ltd through its R&D wing, the Africa Technical Research Centre (ATRC). It preserves commodities for a long period of over a year without the risks of moisture gain, post-harvest storage infestations, and fungal growth.




AgroZ Bag Plus is composed of two bags, an outer Woven Polypropylene (WPP) bag and an inner multi-layer liner (5 multilayers) which can be re-used for up to 3 seasons.
The multi-layer liner gives the additional physical strength to the AgroZ Bag Plus to hold 100 Kg portions of cereal or pulses, without bursting, even when it is dropped several times from a height of 7 to 8 feet.
The multi-layer technology has been tested by KALRO, analyzed by SGS, approved by PCPB & certified by KEBS.
The AgroZ® Bag Plus brand is printed on both the outer bag and inner liner. Please check for the printing of the AgroZ® Bag Plus brand on the inner liner to be sure you are buying an original and genuine product.



Mode of Action

AgroZ® Bag Plus is a fully organic solution for grains and pulses preservation/storage.
It controls insect pests without using/applying any pesticide.
After closing any AgroZ Bag Plus filled with grains appropriately, the inner multi-layer liner prevents the entry of oxygen and or water vapor (the suffocation principle) into the stored grains and creates unfavorable conditions for the survival of insects, eliminating them within 7 to 8 days.



Instructions to Use

All grains that are meant for storage in the AgroZ Bag Plus must be dried to the recommended moisture content e.g. for maize – 13.5%.
Once the bag is filled, remember to always close the inner liner using the provided tie, and remove all air pockets from the top of the liner.
Close the outer bag in the same way as the inner liner and tie it with smooth cables provided inside each bag for easy tying. Store bag in a cool dry place.



Target Pests and Crops

AgroZ Bag Plus is recommended for the storage of all grains and pulses, primarily: maize, dry beans, peas and also red beans, sorghum, millet, soybeans, seeds, wheat, cocoa, coffee, etc.



  • Guarantees no weight loss of grains during storage i.e. store 100kg get 100kg.
  • Increases food security and safety by controlling storage losses and aflatoxin contamination.
  • Reduces the financial burden on the farmer by eliminating pesticide costs.
  • Comes with a free grain bag offer for farmers when selling to the market.




50kg, 100kg and 150kg bags

Pack Size

50kg, 100kg, 150kg

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