Fog Smoke Machine (100ml)

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This atomizing fog smoke machine is good to provide you a clean and disinfected environment. Simple operation makes it user-friendly.


This kind of timer atomizing fog smoke machine is good to provide you a clean and disinfected environment. Simple operation makes it user-friendly.

Nowadays this machine is named as Disinfection Sterilization Fogger Sprayer.





Disinfection Atomizer Features
  • Outputs 200CFM (Cubic Feet per minute) at 6 meters (19.7 feet), covering a large area in a few minutes.
  • Up to 100ml high capacity water tank, long-lasting.
  • It can effectively eliminate most of the bacteria, give you a clean environment.
  • The timer function provides you safe & endurable use.
  • Convenient for you to carry to various scenes, like, car, office, bedroom, hotel, dormitory, etc.
  • In the process of use, it will not emit a strange taste, making your use more comfortable.




  • Input voltage: AC110-240 V 50/60Hz
  • Total power: 900 W
  • Fog output: 200CFM/min
  • Water tank: 100ml
  • Material: Plastic
  • Plug type: 3 (Optional)
  • Cable length: 1 meter
  • Item color: White
  • Item size: 300 * 300 * 200mm / 11.8 * 11.8 * 7.9 inches (Length * Width * Height)
  • Weight: 2500g / 88.2 ounces
  • Package size: 385 * 385 * 235mm / 15.2 * 15.2 * 9.3inches (Length * Width * Height)
  • Package weight: 3000g / 105.8 ounces




  1. This item is non-waterproof, please use it carefully and do not exceed the rated power.
  2. Before connecting this unit to the main power supply for the first time you must fill the fluid jar with professional fog fluid or thimerosal and check that the nozzle is clean and unobstructed.
  3. It takes 5minutes for warming up.
  4. The machine must be placed horizontally.
  5. Do not touch the nozzle and machine while it is working and keep it far away from fire.
  6. There are different plug specifications to choose from. Please choose one suitable for your country.
  7. It will stop working for warming up again while used and continue to work again and it will make a sound for informing you till the timing end.






Method of Operation
  1. Plugin the power supply and adjust the switch of atomizing machine in one position
  2. Wait about 3 to 5 mins for the indicator light to turn on
  3. Put the atomizer liquid in the reservoir
  4. Place the suction tube then





Do not use any alcohol-based chemical in the machine.




Fog Smoke Machine Packing List

1 * Smoke/fog machine

1 * Instruction

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    Best quality

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    Will order again

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    5 Star

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    Good company

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    Will order again

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    Best quality

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    Good company

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    Good company

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    Good company

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    nitanunua tena

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