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Kupacide disinfectant is a potent, rapid, and long-acting disinfectant for general use in disinfection of premises and equipment to provide control of major pathogens. It is a rapid, long-lasting, and powerful broad-spectrum disinfectant with a formulation that gives a highly effective yet safe biocidal disinfectant with cleaning properties.



Kupacide Active Ingredients

Kupacide contains two active ingredients, namely gluteraldehyde 15% v/v and benzylkonium chloride 10% v/v.



Why Use Kupacide Disinfectant
  • Kupacide is effective in killing bacteria, mycoplasmas, fungi, coccidian, and inactivating viruses. It acts in less than five minutes of contact time.
  • It is easily diluted in cold water.
  • It has no environmental residues.
  • Kupacide disinfectant is non-corrosive and can therefore be used on all kinds of surfaces and equipment.
  • Non-staining and non-tainting.
  • It is biodegradable and non-toxic and safe to use even in the presence of animals e.g. while doing aerial fogging for chicken houses or pens.
  • Suitable for disinfecting systems and preventing the spread of diseases.
  • Suitable in all disinfecting systems (including aerial).
  • Having a pleasant smell, it is safe to use by farmworkers and has no impact even on farm animals.
  • Easy to handle – one-step mixing process.
  • It has a residual activity that lasts for between 7-14 days and remains active even in heavily soiled areas.



Presentation & Packaging of Kupacide Disinfectant

Available in 100 ml bottle. Other packages are 500ml and 1lt bottles.



Dosage and Administration Of Kupacide
  • Routine disinfection: 1:400 parts water (25 ml/10 lts of water). Apply 300 ml of the diluted solution per square meter of surface area.
  • Aerial/fogging disinfection: use one liter of diluted solution per cubic meter at 1:150 parts of water (10 ml for 15 lts of water). Use 1 lt of the diluted solution per 100 cubic meters.
  • Wheel and foot dip: dilute at 1:100 parts of water and replace every two weeks (100 ml/10 lts of water).
  • For treatment of drinking water: 1:3000 parts water and use continuously or twice a week e.g. for drinking water for chicks (10 ml for 30 lts of water).



Specific Uses of Kupacide
  • General disinfection
  • Premises
  • Wheel dip
  • Foot/ Boot Dip
  • Vehicle spray
  • Disinfection of the Farmhouses
  • Disinfection of farm equipment
  • Egg Storage Area
  • Hatchery Rooms
  • Farm (Poultry/Livestock) Buildings
  • Wash Rooms
  • Water Sanitation (According to the product recommendation)
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