Lanirat (1,125g) KSh12,500 Save:KSh7,500(38%)

Lanirat is a rat poison (rodenticide) used to kill all types of rats and mice both large and small in houses, granaries, and stores.



How to Apply Lanirat
  1. Strategically place the bait where there’s mice, mole, or rat activity.
  2. Keep checking the bait station and add Lanirat to the station as per consumption until you see them disappear.



Time Lanirat takes to Kill rodents

Rats live in colonies. You need to have enough bait to totally control their numbers otherwise due to their short gestation periods of 18 – 23 days their numbers would grow back as soon as the bait is out.

Lanirat kills them after 3-4 days post-consumption and this is deliberate to enable you to eliminate the whole colony and avoid bait shyness. Keep checking the bait station and add Lanirat to the station as per consumption. 100% consumption means you double the dose; 50% consumption means you just top up; 0% consumption means you relocate the bait station.



Lanirat Packaging

Availlable in a dozen. 45 sachets of 25g lanirat each.

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