Plunger & Tip For Gel Bait Syringe KSh99

Plunger & Tip For Gel Bait Syringes are replacements used for Insecticide gel bait syringes. The plungers and tips are made with hard durable plastic and easy to use. Each plunger comes with a tip.  Plunger & Tip For Gel Bait Syringes is a plastic replacement for roach and ant bait gel syringes.


Bait plungers can on occasion be damaged, so having extra plungers on hand can reduce delay in applying baits. The plungers come in a bag of 12 which is great for pest control professionals that use gel baits often.



Plunger & Tip For Gel Bait Syringe Features
  • 0.03 lbs
  • Inexpensive alternative for expensive bait guns
  • Fits 27g, 30g, and 33g roach and ant bait syringes



Tools Needed

There are no tools needed to use plungers but you will need an appropriate-sized gel bait to insert the plunger into. Also, you can optionally apply the product with the help of a bait gun (sold separately).



How To Use Plunger & Tip For Gel Bait Syringe
  • Step 1:Pull the old damaged plunger from a gel bait syringe.
  • Step 2: Insert a new replacement plunger into the insecticide gel bait syringe opening.
  • Step 3:Carry on with your gel bait application, pushing the plunger with your thumb until the gel is pushed out into tiny beads.



Where To Use Plunger & Tip For Gel Bait Syringe

Replacement Plungers & Tips are meant for any appropriate-sized insecticide gel bait syringe. These range from 27g, 30g, or 33g syringes like the Apex Cockroach Gel Bait and Ant-Trax Ant Gel Bait.



When To Use Plunger & Tip For Gel Bait Syringe

Use replacement plungers and tips when you need to replace a damaged or broken plunger for your insecticide bait syringe.



Safety Information

Replacement plungers and tips are safe to use when applied according to the insecticide gel bait label. When applying it is very important to wear long sleeves, gloves, and eye protection to prevent injury.



Special Considerations

Replacement plungers and tips are designed to fit in most gel bait applicators but double-check that your applicator is between 27 – 33 grams for a proper fit.




1 x Plunger & Tip For Gel Bait Syringe



Plunger & Tip For Gel Bait Syringe
Plunger & Tip For Gel Bait Syringe
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