Rat-Kill Pellets (25g) KSh199

Rat-Kill pellets are rodenticides that are effective against both rats and mice, including resistant strains in public places, offices, and apartments. Rat-Kill pellets that require no extra preparation – just set the pellets and let them do the work.



Active Ingredients In Rat-Kill

Warfarin 0.05%.



Rat-Kill Mode of Action

Anticoagulant (blood does not clot) Rat /mice go blind so they move in the open where it is easy to dispose of them.



Rat-Kill Application

Placement in infested areas.

RAT: 3 -16 pellets (intervals of 15-30ft) of fresh bait for at least 10 days.

HOUSE MICE: 1 pellet (intervals of 8-12ft) of fresh bait for at least 15 days.



Where To Use Rat-Kill
  • Domestic areas
  • Industrial places
  • Public health
  • Markets a
  • Gerbils in public health a
  • In agriculture



Rat-Kill Packaging

Available in 25g sachet.



Why Buy Rat-Kill?
  • Easy to use non-spill formulation
  • Single feed bait which reduces labor time
  • Mold and moisture-resistant and extremely palatable
  • For the control of rats and mice in the domestic, industrial, and public health markets and gerbils in public health and agriculture
  • Only a very small amount is needed to kill a rat or mouse
  • Rodents die 3-5 days after taking the bait. With some other rodenticides, rodents die more than 7 days after taking the bait
  • Highly palatable and durable bait block that is quick and easy to use
  • Imagine Care rodent control team has successfully used it in over 300+ properties



Inspect Property Before Using Rat-Kill

When signs of rats are seen, survey your premises inside and out to determine the extent and location of the infestation.

  • Check for runs along walls and in vegetation around buildings
  • Check for rat holes, especially near water, up to 100 meters away
  • Check inside buildings for damage and droppings
  • Check for tracks in dust and mud
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