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A Z Tag is a small object made of TPU material, that can help you track your herds; it is very suitable for calves, cattle, cows, goats, and pigs.


A Z Tag is a small object made of TPU material, that can help you track your herds; it is very suitable for calves, cattle, cows, goats, and pigs.

Z Tag Features

An ear tag is a small object made of plastic or metal that pierces the ear of livestock or other animals by use of an applicator. They are visual aids used for the identification of domestic livestock and other animals on the farm. It uses numbers, colors, or both, for organizational objectives. No need to worry it will not harm the animals since the tags are made of high-quality material which is Durable, hardy antifreeze heat, and not easy to damage.

Ear tag Applicator is a pro special set of tools for fixing ear tags for pigs, cattle, sheep, and goats. Makes ear tag placement easier and saves labor. They are of different types and sizes but they function similarly. By use of compatible pins in the applicator try it by squeezing the clamps of the applicator if the pins align through the jaws of the applicator it’s functioning well and you can go on with the tagging process. Owning an applicator or applicators as a farmer is fundamental because of the convenience, you can tag any additional animals on the farms, those you have purchased, or newly born animals for easy identification.

For breeding flock, it’s wise to install a tag in both ears when they are baby lambs. Because tag wounds in lambs heal quickly with less infection risk than tag wounds in adult animals and thus provide a pre-existing, clean, firm hole when a larger tag needs to be installed. The ideal location to put an ear tag is in the middle one-third of the ear.

Livestock cataloging has both visual and management merits. By identifying your animals individually with ear tags, it can be more easily determined which animals are which. In addition, being able to track an animal’s history and performance helps you discover which ones are performing well. Numbered ear tags make it easier to track and manage the livestock’s information, such as bloodlines, birth dates, vaccinations, and other animal information.



Z Tag Description
  • High-Quality Material: The applicator is made of high-quality PVC, and the ear tags are made of TPU material, Cold and heat resistant, durable, and soft
  • It’s widely used in livestock to facilitate the information management of pastures. It is a must for ranchers. And can help you track your herds; it is very suitable for calves, cattle, cows, goats, pigs, etc.
  • Uses: Use with Z tag one piece for best results, animal identification tools
  • The Applicator Feature: Lightweight, labor-saving, and The ergonomic handle design makes it comfortable to use, which can greatly improve work efficiency
  • Tag design ensures that the back of the tag will not snag and pull out or break
  • Tags Feature: Bright color is easy to identify, not easy to fade and deform even in the harsh environment
  • Tag design ensures that the back of the tag will not snag and pull out or break off



Other reasons why farmers need Eartags in their animal/livestock farm is because they can be helpful in;
  1. Indicating the sex of the animals.
    It allows rapid sorting by sex while sheep and goats are moving down in a holding pen.
    No need to spend precious time manually checking the ‘plumbing’ of the animals when you can do this;
    Males: Insert the primary tag in the left ear.
    Females: Insert the primary tag in the right ear:
  2. Indicating the animals year of birth
    No need to catch them to check teeth. A tag can tell you the age from 25 ft away. Faster decisions when sorting for culling or breeding. Two ways to do this (we do both):
    Use a different color for each year.
    Begin tag number series with the year of birth. Example—tag 20125 indicates lamb is the 125th lamb tagged in 2020
  3. Indicating sire and dam
    It’s made easy by tagging, no need to check records. It can be done in three ways which are;
    Use a different color second tag for each sire (blue tags = Sire ADB purple tags = Sire UVX) then have the sire name printed on the tag of its progeny.
    Handwrite the calf’s tag number with a marker pen on the lamb’s tag. If space is limited write it on the inner surfaces of the tag.
  4. Indicating animals problems
    Allows rapid, positive culling of animals with foot problems, dystocia, mastitis, etc. There are two ways to do this:
    Put a black tag into problem animals or a tag that says ‘cull’
    Use an ear notcher to mark the animal for culling.
  5. Indicating single, twin, or triplet
    Speeds up sorting for breeding and sale purposes, minimizes the need to check records. To do this, use a different color for each lamb type. Repeat these colors every year.
    blue = single
    green = twin
    orange = triplet




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