Combat Rodent Bait Station


Combat Rodent Bait Station holds poisonous rat bait, providing easy access for the rats but protecting children and pets from accessing the bait. The stations are heavy-duty and tamper-resistant, meaning they will last for years.


Combat Rodent Bait Station is an essential pest control tool for both indoor and outdoor use in rodent control programs and supports HACCP guidelines.



Before any bait(chemical poison formulated to be highly toxic to rats and mice) placement is made it is necessary to conduct a site survey to determine the nature and the extent of the infestation. Once established, ensure that the correct placement is made, as this is critical to the success of the campaign.



The use of well-designed, tamperproof bait stations should be sited in areas that are inaccessible to non-target species whenever possible. Bait Station characteristics include:

  • Tamperproof design.
  • Permanent, precautionary logo on the lid.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Holes to facilitate the securing of the unit to the floor or wall.
  • Available in black color.
  • Economic rat-sized bait station – for cost-sensitive accounts.
  • Lockable and tamper-resistant.
  • Uses Tomcat’s universal key( a pack of 5 bait stations uses 1 key).
  • Combat Rodent Bait Station Material Safety Data Sheet



Where To Use Combat Rodent Bait Station
  • Residential homes and office blocks
  • Plant Nurseries
  • Hostels, hospitals, hotels, kennels, schools, restaurants
  • Food processing, packaging, and storage
  • Retail catering establishments, supermarkets
  • Dockland warehouses
  • Piggeries, aviaries’, poultry houses, stables
  • Other high-density breeding areas



Benefits of Combat Rodent Bait Station

The bait stations have been developed and successfully tested in-house to ensure they can offer effective treatment against rodents.

  • Protect your business against litigation, lost profits, and damaged reputation.
  • Ensure your rodent control complies with Health and Safety regulations. Bait boxes are clearly labeled, stating their purpose and what they contain, and placed in recorded locations.
  • Keep staff, customers, and members of the public safe from inadvertent harm. The rat bait contained inside is only accessible to rats and will cause no harm to others.
  • Specifically designed to be tamper-resistant, allowing for use in areas where there might be children or pets present.



Combat Rodent Bait Station Advantages


Protects Children and Pets From Poison Rodent Baits

Placing the rodent bait blox onto the rods or pegs inside the bait station will permit the rat to feed, but not remove the bait (translocate) to another location. This protects children and non-targeted animals from the poison bait.

Keeps Rodent Bait Fresh

In addition to protecting non-targeted animals from the poison bait, tamper-resistant rat bait stations also protect the inserted bait from the weather. The bait stations will keep the bait fresh. Fresh bait attracts the rodent for a longer time period.

Rodent Bait Stations with Rods

Securing the bait on the bait rods will ensure that the rodents can not remove the bait. They will eat the bait inside the bait station. Besides not translocating the bait, rodent bait stations will stop one rat from hoarding the bait, permitting all the rat colonies to feed on it.



Rat Bait Station Placement Tips

Rod the bait inside the bait stations. Set the rat bait stations between 15-50 feet apart. If the rat population is heavy, go about every 15 feet. Inspect for harborage areas, and place bait stations near these areas.

Rats are suspicious of new objects in the environment. Norway rats and Roof rats may need some encouragement to enter the rat bait stations for the first time. This problem is solved by placing a non-toxic lure like peanut butter, fish, or apples inside the entrance holes. It is crucial not to allow the rodenticide to touch the lure.


  • Place rat bait stations near runways where rats will most likely find them. For Norway rats, the placement is typically on the ground. For Roof rats, the rat station location is a higher placement.
  • Keep the rat bait stations filled with rat bait, until the rat population is killed. Empty stations mean missed opportunities to totally kill the population.
  • When two or more consecutive rat bait stations show signs of feeding, add more stations in between to make sure that the rodents are not entering the adjacent structure.
  • If you are performing commercial rodent control around food facilities, become knowledgeable of sanitation procedures.

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