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Ectomin 100EC is a highly efficient ectoparasiticide used to eliminate fleas, flies, tsetse flies, and ticks in chicken, cattle, sheep, goats, cats, camels, pigs, and dogs.

Active Ingredient

Cypermethrin high-cis  100g/L (80% cis 20%transisomers)

How to Treat Chicken Correctly using Ectomin 100 EC?

Dilute 5ml of this ectoparasiticide in 5 Ltrs of water and treat as guided below:

  • Dipping– Measure an appropriate amount of water and put it in a clean container. Add Ectomin at the rate mentioned above. Stir to mix thoroughly and immerse your chicken in the treated water for the most effective results. Note that Ectomin is strictly for external use only as it can harm chicken when swallowed. Therefore, immerse the chicken up to the head base and cautiously rub the wattle and the crown with the treatment.
  • Spraying- Using the assistance of a well-trained professional, spray the hen house while paying keen attention to areas where the insects might harbor like windows, doors, walls, wooden, and metallic surfaces, and all corners. Note: A lot of caution is demanded while spraying as swallowed Ectomin can harm the children

Caution Measures to Consider When Using Ectomin 100EC.

  • Treated animals must never be slaughtered for human consumption until after 24hours are over.
  • Ectomin is hazardous to aquatic life and water sources.
  • Always wear personal protective garments before spraying or handling this product.
  • If droplets of this solution get in contact with your skin, rinse immediately and thoroughly with clean running water.
  • In case the chemical splashes into your eyes, wash out straight away with plenty of clean running water and seek medical help.
  • If swallowed by accident, seek medical assistance right away.
  • Wash hands thoroughly immediately after handling this product.
  • All clothes worn during treatment must be washed completely before re-use.
  • Get rid of empty containers after use and dispose of them safely.

1x Ectomin 100 EC 5ltr

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