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Actellic Gold Dust is an effective post-harvest insecticide for use against grain pests, grain weevils, larger grain borer, red flour beetle, and lesser grain borer in maize.

Active ingredients in Actellic Gold Dust

16 g/kg pirimphos-methyl and 3.6 g/kg Thiamethoxam.


How does it work?

Pirimiphos-methyl rapidly penetrates the insect cuticle and disrupts nerve conduction via the inhibition of acetylcholinesterase.

Thiamethoxam is considered to act by interfering with the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor of the nervous system of insects.





Pest target
  • grain pests
  • grain weevils
  • larger grain borer
  • red flour beetle
  • lesser grain borer in maize
Where To Use Actellic 25EC
  • Domestic
  • Industrial
  • Storage




Actellic Gold Dust to be applied on freshly harvested grains, before being bagged.

Use 50g of Actellic Gold Dust per 90 kg of grain.


Usage recommendations

For stored cereals: Seeds should be treated as soon as possible, as they are loaded onto the storage strip. Seeds showing slight moisture should be dried before treatment. If the drying is not done, it may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment by degrading the insecticide. For the best results in using this product, seed moisture should be kept below 15%. If the humidity is higher, the efficacy and duration of action of the product decrease.


Breaking time for grain treatment

Treated grain can be consumed after 14 days after.


Key features of Actellic
  • It controls existing infestations and gives long-term protection against re-infestation.
  • Actellic Gold Dust is effective under tropical, humid conditions.
  • It persists for several months on grain and inert surfaces.
  • Actellic Gold Dust can be applied directly to grain, and bags.


Product Information

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